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5 Questions to Ask before Getting a New Dog

Posted by Shawn Roberts on

 If your reading then you probably thought about this idea for awhile, maybe your family member who really wants a pet, or your just looking for friend to spice up your life style.

Well owning a pet has its pros depending on your life style and situation.

Question 1: Are you allowed to have pets where you live, and if/so is your place suitable?  The idea of having a pet to keep you company is great, but it is important to understand and consider restrictions by your landlord or building management company. Many apartments, especially in cites, have size or breed restrictions, or don't allow dogs at all. Unless you own your home its always good rule of thumb to make sure your landlord is okay with the specific breed you plan to get, and ask to find out if there is an increase cost in rent.

The second part is just as equally important, if you do live in an apartment is it suited for dogs, does it have dog part or doggie bath area, is your place large enough, and will your pet have to be put in a kennel. Also good side note if so, remember having an animal kennel throughout the day means you need to spend extra time when you are home allowing your pet to get out and exert that energy outside!

Question 2: Can you afford a dog? Dogs are expensive regardless of breed, or size. According to the ASPCA, annual dog care range from $420-$780, and that does not include unexpected trips to the vet.

Question 3: Do you have time for a dog? Adding a dog to your family is a big responsibility, you are taking on another life, so make sure you have time to dedicate to caring for your pup - require lots of love and attention. If you travel frequently, often find yourself working extended hours, or as mention before leaving your pup alone all day, you many want to reconsider your timing on getting a dog.

Question 4: Do you have the patience to train a puppy? Training a puppy is not always easy, they require a lot of patients, they will chew and destroy stuff, and require training to become well behaved. Within the first we weeks of getting a pup or even an older dog, its always good idea to allow your pet to familiarize itself with the surroundings, having your pet eat at the same time frames and teaching your pet to go bath room at same time always good start, also during first month its always good idea to reward your pet, if you training pet to know when a good deed has been done, us nice soft tone voice that your pet recognizes so when your pet does something naughty it will know the difference.

Question 5: Do you have everything for the arrival of your new dog? Buy the things you'll need in advance. Its always better to overly prepare then completely unprepared when it  comes to bringing a new pet home. You will need proper fitted dog collar, ID and rabes tags, a dog leash, plenty of food, water bowl, a dog bed, and dogs toys to make your new friend feel at home. Buying these necessities ahead of time will make your dog feel comfortable the second you open the door, and help with transitions to the new environment.  




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